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“My passion is to help others identify their vision, find their purpose and live their best life! I believe in being the absolute best I can be!”

Lynn Allen-Johnson, Entrepreneur, Author & Coach

Meet Lynn Allen-Johnson

You may not be able to describe it. You may have forgotten it or forgotten how to believe in it, but it’s there. Let me show you how to rise above the mediocrity and conquer your fears as you reach outside of your comfort zone and move forward living the life of your dreams.”
In school you can’t choose your teachers. In real life you can. Throw out the negative people & find yourself the best mentor/coach out there.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Lynn Allen-Johnson is a true “rags to riches” story who after many years in poverty, drew her line in the sand and said “no more!” She was 50 years old when she began her journey to the life of abundance that she is blessed with now. Today, as a teacher, coach and entrepreneur with a wealth of inspiration, creativity and relevant lessons on how to build an exciting balanced life, Lynn Allen-Johnson has helped thousands achieve success. She has been an industry leader for over a decade, coaching and motivating people to reach beyond the safety of their current life, push past the fear and as she says, “Get Out of their Own Way!” Lynn understands that the greatest challenge in life is crafting a meaningful and motivating personal vision that will embody your life’s purpose. She has coached thousands who have achieved breakthrough success and empowered them to move forward.

20-Year Network Marketing Leader

The past 20 years in Network Marketing have been such an incredible journey of personal discovery, growth and development and yet after all of this time I still have a vivid recall of where I spent most of my adult life and the person I was when my journey began. I was 50 years old, dead broke and living in an apartment in central Florida with no hope for anything different in my future. I'm beyond grateful that I stepped out of my fear and made a choice to make a change to create the future I now enjoy and one of the biggest blessings is the lives I have changed along the way. Making a difference and leaving a legacy is the passion that continues to drive me and it's my pleasure to share a little piece of my journey with you.


She's Featured In The Book 
 "The Greatest Networkers In The World"        by John Milton Fogg

Lynn Allen-Johnson inducted into the ARIIX Founders Club

Lynn Allen-Johnson becomes one of the first ever Founders in the ARIIX Founders Club in June of 2014. She was inducted at our annual convention in Las Vegas and is currently one of fifteen founders worldwide in ARIIX.
Lynn Allen-Johnson is an author, entrepreneur and self made millionaire who has reinvented herself at the age of 50 and has the passion to share her vision and knowledge to motivate others to do the same. Lynn has traveled the world speaking and inspiring audiences in the thousands. She has shared the stage with Denis Waitley, Robert G. Allen, Larry King and even Les Brown.
For many years, Lynn Allen-Johnson lived her life in mediocrity or poverty while raising two kids as a single Mom. She resided in a small apartment and barely got by paycheck to paycheck. Lynn didn’t have a lot of options to improve her situation. In 1997, that all began to change as Lynn decided to take control of her life, and her modest existence in a small apartment is just a memory now.
She is now blessed beyond measure and can do anything she chooses to do. Now Lynn’s passion is to help others identify their vision, find their purpose and live their best life. She can help you dream, get out of your own way and thrive in this down economy.

As a 20 year veteran and top earner in the Network Marketing Industry..

I have traveled the world and spoken to audiences in the thousands and have been so incredibly blessed. I have earned millions of dollars, written two books, been featured in John Milton Fogg's book as one of the 21 Greatest Networkers in the world, won numerous awards and have found both my passion and my purpose through this powerful industry.
The biggest gift that I have received above all the others mentioned is the ability to live life on my terms and to work with and coach others to live the life of their dreams. The beautiful part about Networking Marketing is that the way you win is by helping others win. This has always been my philosophy. When you give, you receive and there is no more perfect industry than Network marketing to to just that.
I have been with ARIIX since day one and have never been more proud to represent a company and share in their mission of Unleashing Our Human Potential for Good. Network Marketing is an industry where an ordinary person can achieve extraordinary wealth when they partner with the right company and that begins with the Founders and their vision of where they will take their company. You then need incredible products that consumers will purchase outside the network and you need a fair and generous compensation plan. ARIIX offers all of that and has won numerous awards in all of the above categories including the number one compensation plan in the industry.





You have:
The Right to a Partners Council
The Right to Share in Profits
The Right to True Ownership and Protection
The Right to Review Compensation Plan Changes
The Right to Be Our Experts
The Right to Our Loyalty
The Right to Explanation and Reasonable Notice
The Right to Share in the Fun and Incentives
The Right to Help Us Think Up What's Next
The Right to Fair and Consistent Treatment
The Right to Maintain Your Original Agreement​


A successful business is built on the foundation of a strong relationship, and when combined with experience and responsible leadership, that business thrives.
By becoming an ARIIX Representative, you will represent the best in the industry. You know you’re in the right place because you:
  • Find hard work fulfilling and enjoy being rewarded accordingly.
  • Lead your business with integrity.
  • Encourage the success of others, and appreciate the same in return.
  • Believe recognition should be granted based on hard work and not favoritism.
  • Favor a long-term, stable business opportunity over instant gratification.
  • Discourage prejudice and bias.
  • Strive for the common good.
  • Demand fair and equal rights for all.