Busted Myths on Exercise and Diet 1 of 2

Exercise and Diet

Let me guess, you are already searching for everything and doing almost anything just to achieve a good, lasting and effective exercise program and diet right? Well, you have come to the right place because today we are going to be busting myths regarding exercise and diet. We are going to be separating the facts from the myths.

exercise and dietKnow the false myths related to exercise and diet

Exercise and Diet PLUS ARIIX equals Overall Fulfillment

A lot of people thought that stretching before exercise is very important and required, but based on research, it was found that stretching would only increase the chance of muscle tissue injury instead of what was thought to be a prevention. This happens because as you stretch your muscle tissues just before your diet and exercise regimen, muscle tissues are prolonged making them destabilized and not prepared for the pressuring demands needed for a normal to intense exercise and workout. In cases of activities involving running, jogging or even walking, a simple warm up or stretching might do the trick but with regards to weight lifting, muscle tissue does not need to be stretched before, but instead wait until you have finished doing the exercise and then proceed with stretching. This will be our first exercise and diet busted myth.

Another exercise and diet busted myth is related to eating fat. Many of us thought that fat is bad for you. Actually, fat is not entirely bad for you since there are what we call good fats and bad fats just like there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Surprisingly, there are plenty of good fats out there that are essential for great and optimal health that will help aid in the future prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases and illnesses. They are the ones that are normally found in foods such as fish, nuts, and avocados. Including little portions of these healthy foods can greatly contribute to your exercise and diet and thus will result in a healthier body and ideal weight loss.

The myth on ab crunches believed to get rid of belly fats and love handles is our next exercise and diet busted myth. Studies have shown that you can never focus on one area or body part when doing exercise and diet to be able to get rid of fat in that part. Instead of doing this, you should create an exercise and diet that contains both heart and muscle strength training components that will help in effectively reducing your overall extra body fat.

Beliefs pertaining to women having muscle gains when doing weight training is also a myth. An exercise and diet busted myth that is…Based on studies again (means that it is proven), most although not all body systems of females generate nearly enough of the muscle building hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the huge muscle gains seen in the male body system that is why some even take supplements and steroids to further increase testosterone hormone levels. If in rare cases you being a female will notice yourself getting bigger than you wanted you could simply use the strategy of more reps and less weight exercise where it is more focused on building endurance and muscle toning instead of body building. To finish the first half of our busted myths on exercise and diet revelations, we will now talk about the myth on never eating before exercising.  Most people believed this one to be true since they thought that eating before exercise would lead to problems such as food getting into the appendix. This will be the perfect time to forget that for it is a busted myth. We need to eat food to have the required nutrients and energy for our exercise and diet. Of course, we do not mean that you should get your stomach full because that would be another story. What we are trying to imply here is to eat just the right amount and the right foods prior to exercising to get the optimal benefits.

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