Busted Myths on Exercise and Diet 2 of 2

Exercise and Diet

It is good to know that you are serious about your exercise and diet. So let us now proceed with the final half of our exercise and diet busted myths.

exercise and dietKnow the false myths related to exercise and diet

Exercise and Diet PLUS ARIIX equals Overall Fulfillment

Let us start with our busted exercise and diet myth on eating as much as you want, as long as the food is healthy. Although the food is good for you, just because it is healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to overeat! A nutrient is a nutrient and a calorie is a calorie. Healthy foods still have calories in them. Take for example oats, this will still make you gain weight and be bad for you if you consume too much of it. Remember what we have discussed again and again, how too much or too little is always bad for you and that life is always a matter of balance.

Whether it is healthy or not it still has calories and you must still be aware of the quantity you are taking in. You must limit your consumption if you want or need to lose weight. Lastly as you apply this, always remember to balance your calorie and nutrient consumption throughout the day to avoid cravings and deprivations.

The next busted exercise and diet myth is on reducing calorie consumption as the best way to shed body weight. Although reducing calorie intake would help,  that alone would not be effective on its own, but combined with exercise you can shed body weight effectively and boost metabolic rate in a healthy way. People often believed that in order for them to lose weight is to drastically cut down the calories like eating less than 1000 calories per day which is unhealthy and ineffective since doing so will not usually provide the sufficient energy for the body and may even slow metabolic rate making you gain extra weight instead of losing it. Drastic actions will never yield lasting and long term results.So as a start, begin little and gradually remove 100-300 calories as you do your daily exercise and diet.

As you do exercise and diet people also believed that you have to sweat in order to justify good exercise which is not really the case. Sweating is not actually an indication of efficiency but sweating is rather your body’s way of cooling and calming itself down, since it is possible to burn a significant number of calories without breaking a sweat. Speaking of exercise, this finally leads us to our last but not the least exercise and diet busted myth which proves that working out would never change fats into muscles since both are made up of consistently two different types of cellular tissues making it impossible to happen. While you can reduce one and substitute it with another, the two will never convert to the other.

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