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Hawaiian Noni Fruit: Body Booster

Hawaiian Noni Fruit

The alkaloid and other substances discovered in Hawaiian Noni Fruit have proven themselves to successfully control or destroy over six kinds of bacteria including: Escherichia coli, salmonella typhi, shigella paradysenteriae, and staphylococcus aureaus.

hawaiian noni fruit body boosterThe Hawaiian Noni Fruit increases immunity

Hawaiian Noni Fruit is a natural body booster

Moreover, damnacanthol, was able to restrict the early antigen stage of the Epstein-Barr virus. The bioactive elements of the whole plant, mixed or in individual sections, have confirmed the capability to restrict several different variations of bacteria. Historical reviews support this activity in that the Hawaiian Noni Fruit seems particularly efficient in reducing the length of certain kinds of infection. This may describe why Hawaiian Noni Fruit is commonly used to cure the common cold and flu.

The substance elements discovered in and the possibility that they activate xeronine development as well as start alkaloid therapy may describe Hawaiian Noni Fruit’s popularity for having immuno-stimulatory qualities. Alkaloids have been able to increase phagocytosis which is the procedure in which certain white blood tissues called macrophages attack and basically process infectious microorganisms. Perhaps surprisingly, the anti tumor activity of Hawaiian Noni Fruit has been attributed to an immunity response which includes revitalizing T-cells.

More and more studies suggest that because the Hawaiian Noni Fruit substances enable the immunity procedure to operate more successfully, getting the plant in powerful forms may considerably increase health and performance. These substances appear to have the capability to increase the intake, and utilization of nutrients. The use of proxeronine in Hawaiian Noni Fruit triggers a rise of xeronine in the colon which enables the surfaces of the colon to more properly process various nutritional value, especially amino acids.

The procedure of getting older bombards the body with toxins which can cause all kinds of degenerative illnesses. The xeronine concept marketed by Dr. Heinicke posts that as our bodies age, we lose our capability to synthesize xeronine. To complicate matters, the existence of many toxins actually prevents the production of xeronine as well. He considers that the proxeronine content of the Hawaiian Noni Fruit juice can help to block these activities, thereby working as an anti-aging substance. The phytonutrients discovered in the Hawaiian Noni Fruit assist to promote nutritional value and protection from toxins created by experience contamination and other potentially harmful agents. Moreover, it also contains selenium, which is regarded one of the best antioxidiant substances available today.

Finally, a 1990 analysis discovered that ingredients resulting from the roots of the Hawaiian Noni Fruit have the capability to destroy discomfort in animal tests. Perhaps surprisingly, it was during this analysis that the organic sedative activity of the root was also noted. This analysis engaged a group of French scientific experts who mentioned a significant central medication activity in clinical rats. Dr. Heinicke has also stated that xeronine also functions as a discomfort reducer. A man with very advanced intestinal cancer was given three months to stay. He began getting the proxeronine and resided for a whole year, pain-free. This is how incredible the Hawaiian Noni Fruit is and its now conveniently available inside the ARIIX Rejuveniix!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial to women as well as to men. In women, omega 3 fatty acids can play a vital role in pregnancy and prevention of breast cancer, and they are also very effective in helping to prevent prostate cancer in men. Studies have shown that a higher dietary consumption of omega 3 fatty acids may protect men from cancer related to the prostate gland even if it is hereditary. Experts have detected strong protective associations between increasing consumption of omega 3 fatty acids and advanced prostate cancer.

omega 3 fatty acids on advanced prostate cancerOmega 3 Fatty Acids and its discovered effect on Advanced Prostate Cancer

Omega 3 Fatty Acids can be found in fish oil which is in the ARIIX Omega-Q

A published study compared the diets and genetics of 466 men suffering from prostate cancer with those of 478 healthy men of similar age and ethnicity. Researchers had all participants fill out food frequency questionnaires, classifying their consumption of various kinds of fish. All men were then screened for different mutations analyzing for their relationship with prostate cancer and adjusting for other known risks such as being overweight, smoking, prior prostate screening results, and family cancer history. The scientists focused only on aggressive cancer because these represent the most dangerous form of the condition. Many men with non-aggressive, slow-growing cancer die of other causes before ever experiencing any of the cancer symptoms itself.

The results the experts found were that men with cancer had a considerably reduced consumption of omega 3 fatty acids such as shellfish and that they instead had a higher consumption of calories, fat and omega 6 fatty acids like linoleic acid; compared to the healthier men. Men who ate dark fish very rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon one to three times a month, had a thirty six percent reduced chance of acquiring aggressive cancer of the prostate gland; and sixty three percent for those eating rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids one or more times a week, compared to those who rarely or never ate it at all.

Not only that, omega 3 fatty acids are also proven to reduce the chances not only of cancer, but reduce the chances of cardiac arrest and autoimmune disorders as well; and even improve cognitive wellness. Although the mechanisms for these benefits are not well understood they are considered in some cases to be linked with reduced swelling. There have been previous studies proving protection of omega 3 fatty acids against prostate cancer, but this is the first study showing and proving omega 3 fatty acid protection on even  more highly advanced and aggressive types of cancer, especially with the prostate gland.

Prostate cancer is the most dominant male cancer in the United States and the second most dominant cause of overall cancer deaths in the United Kingdom, all linked to obesity as the most common known risk factor. One way men can reduce their chances of developing this deadly prostate gland cancer as well as other cancer and deadly diseases, is to maintain a normal and balanced weight and a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids on a regular basis.