Fish Oil and Schizophrenia

Fish Oil

Another great benefit of fish oil that we can all take advantage of is its amazing proven results of considerably reducing the chances of developing the mind altering disease called Schizophrenia.

fish oil and schizophreniaFish oil and its ability to reduce the risks of developing Schizophrenia

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According to the director of an analysis center, this research will become part of a global focus now for it is an innovation and a great discovery of being able to treat Schizophrenia on its early stages just like with the discoveries of breasts cancers where we look for the tiniest breast lumps to prevent a very risky condition from getting established in the first place. This will become the same way now with fish oil and its very promising effects and benefits on Schizophrenia. This research will now be duplicated in nine other facilities around the world.

The research was a randomized three month period control test performed on 81 individuals between the age groups of 15 and 25 years old that are at risk of Schizophrenia due to their brief experiences of hallucinations and delusions. One half of the group obtained roughly 1.5 grams of a fish oil capsules while the other group only had a placebo. One year later of follow up, twenty eight percent of the group who had only a placebo developed psychosis. On the other hand only five percent of the group who had fish oil developed the same symptoms of psychosis. Early avoidance was also mentioned as a key factor in stopping the condition. Lead specialist Paul Amminger declares that the dangerous risk in the placebo group was seven times as high to develop psychosis and believed that this quite large impact is mainly because of early treatment and prevention. Results are much better beginning in the stage of the cause of a problem than later or in other words, prevention is always the best treatment and solution. The results of this research not only can benefit individual prone from developing Schizophrenia but also will help those people who are wishing to get around and avoid the use of anti psychotic medication since these are synthetics and artificially made and processed that even though it can decrease the chances of psychosis by twelve percent but will always have unwanted side effects and drug dependence like excess weight gain and other illnesses related to the heart.

This fish oil seems to be a very good and non-invasive natural substitute that could be securely used on at-risk people greatly reducing the chances of the disease. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have also been proven to decrease the threats of numerous health and environmental conditions comprehensively discussed earlier like depression, diabetic issues, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, breast cancer and even to global warming. The incredible effects and nutrients of fish oil, together with its omega 3 fatty acids can combat a wide range of diseases and illnesses, but all these positive effects of fish oil would be of no use if it is not coming from a great and reliable source. That is why we are here to guide and help you so that you may be able to maximize the benefits of fish oil and the rest of nature’s miraculous ingredients in the most powerful and potent form possible, only achieved when you take the world’s leading products today!

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