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Network Marketing

Every highly successful person, not just in network marketing, but in general, will always have one thing in common with the rest of the highly successful people in the world.  The common thread is the fact that all of them highly prioritize the most productive activities above the ordinary ones.

network marketing productivity secretsExtraordinary productivity secrets in Network Marketing

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All highly successful people, especially in network marketing, always do the most productive and highest paying activities first thing in the morning making it their number one priority. They rarely let distractions get in their way and commit first to these highest paying activities and have the incredible discipline to really stick to it until they finish it.

When they work, they really work hard and smart and when they take a break and have fun they also know how to relax and enjoy it. In network marketing, it is all a matter of balance and focusing on priorities to make one highly successful. This is a good strategy because you are still able to do productive things bringing you closer to your goals each day and at the same time not compromise the value of knowing how to have fun and when to have fun. Continue reading

Busted Myths on Exercise and Diet 2 of 2

Exercise and Diet

It is good to know that you are serious about your exercise and diet. So let us now proceed with the final half of our exercise and diet busted myths.

exercise and dietKnow the false myths related to exercise and diet

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Let us start with our busted exercise and diet myth on eating as much as you want, as long as the food is healthy. Although the food is good for you, just because it is healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to overeat! A nutrient is a nutrient and a calorie is a calorie. Healthy foods still have calories in them. Take for example oats, this will still make you gain weight and be bad for you if you consume too much of it. Remember what we have discussed again and again, how too much or too little is always bad for you and that life is always a matter of balance.

Whether it is healthy or not it still has calories and you must still be aware of the quantity you are taking in. You must limit your consumption if you want or need to lose weight. Lastly as you apply this, always remember to balance your calorie and nutrient consumption throughout the day to avoid cravings and deprivations.

The next busted exercise and diet myth is on reducing calorie consumption as the best way to shed body weight. Although reducing calorie intake would help,  that alone would not be effective on its own, but combined with exercise you can shed body weight effectively and boost metabolic rate in a healthy way. People often believed that in order for them to lose weight is to drastically cut down the calories like eating less than 1000 calories per day which is unhealthy and ineffective since doing so will not usually provide the sufficient energy for the body and may even slow metabolic rate making you gain extra weight instead of losing it. Drastic actions will never yield lasting and long term results.So as a start, begin little and gradually remove 100-300 calories as you do your daily exercise and diet.

As you do exercise and diet people also believed that you have to sweat in order to justify good exercise which is not really the case. Sweating is not actually an indication of efficiency but sweating is rather your body’s way of cooling and calming itself down, since it is possible to burn a significant number of calories without breaking a sweat. Speaking of exercise, this finally leads us to our last but not the least exercise and diet busted myth which proves that working out would never change fats into muscles since both are made up of consistently two different types of cellular tissues making it impossible to happen. While you can reduce one and substitute it with another, the two will never convert to the other.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Scientific Evidence

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

In research involving animals such as dogs, rats, and marmosets, just prior to experimentally caused heart attacks, omega 3 fatty acids given to these animals were discovered to prevent ventricular fibrillation. Omega 3 fatty acids were also discovered to stop ventricular fibrillation in animals undergoing experimentally caused heart attacks. Scientists therefore conclude and suspect that omega 3 fatty acids may prevent ventricular fibrillation in human heart attacks. Omega 3 is believed to prevent sudden death, since ventricular fibrillation is the most important cause of rapid loss of life among the death victims due to heart attacks.

omega 3 fatty acidsDifferent Proven Scientific Evidence of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Apart from scientific evidence based on animal studies, there has also been some scientific evidence found based from two major and long term observational studies known as the Nurses’ Health Study and the Physician’s Health Study, that have been released to provide proof of the relationship between fish oil intake and omega 3, with the chances of heart problems and sudden cardiovascular death.

The Nurses’ Health Study was first conducted in 1976 when more than 80,000 nurses completed style of living and diet surveys. They were followed for 16 years for the development of heart problems. Omega 3 fatty acids intake was calculated from the surveys. The result of the research was already released in JAMA vol 287. No.14, p. 1815. The study discovered that females who ate fish once a week had a 29% reduced chance of developing heart problems, compared to females who rarely ate fish of just about less than one meal serving per month. Those who ate fish five times per week even had a 34% reduction in the chance of heart problems and a 45% reduction in the chance of loss of life from the usuall sudden cardiovascular death and other related heart problems.

On the other hand, the Physician’s Health Study began in 1982 and more than 20,000 healthy male physicians were followed for 11 years. Like the Nurses’ Health Study, diet data and lifestyle were gathered via surveys of 12 months and 18 months and the results of the research was also released in JAMA 1998, vol. 279, p. 23. The study discovered that men who consumed one or more meals rich in omega 3 like fish in a week had a 50% reduced chance of developing sudden cardiovascular death, compared to men who rarely ate fish of less than one meal serving per month.

In a separate article, experts compared levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the blood in 94 of these men who died of sudden cardiovascular attacks against living men matched for age and smoking habits. They discovered that high levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the body system were associated with a low chance of cardiovascular sudden death. Men with the highest levels of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood had an 80% reduced chance of sudden cardiovascular death than men with the lowest blood levels. High omega 3 fatty acids in the system are usually due to a high intake of seafood, most especially the ones rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as fish.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids on Leukemia

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

 Medical Science experts have found that a substance in fish oil seems to focus on the leukemia cells and could lead to a possible treatment for the condition. This substance is the Omega 3 fatty acids and is a natural extract from EPA which is generally found in fish and fish oil supplements.

omega 3 fatty acids on leukemiaFish Oil’s Omega 3 Fatty Acids Can Cure Leukemia

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The compound is proven to focus on and destroy the stem cells of a common but serious myelogenous leukemia condition. Comprehensive analysis from past research has proven that Omega 3 fatty acids are very crucial to both brain and heart health. This new proof can handle the frequent assumption of EPA omega 3 fatty acids to precisely destroy leukemia-causing cells that could eventually and possibly lead to the treatment and prevention of this dreadful condition.

The analysis currently being performed on rats that display metabolic features similar to people reveals that some metabolites of Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to precisely and specifically destroy the stem cells that are causing the leukemia. Experts determined that D12-PGJ3 or the Omega 3 fatty acids eliminate cancer-causing control tissues in the bone marrow and spleen of the mice. It particularly triggers a gene in the leukemia stem cell known as p53 which programs the cells own loss of life in a process known as apoptosis.

The p53 gene found in the leukemia stem cell is a well known tumor suppressant gene that manages the reaction to DNA damage and preserves genomic stability. The Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to eliminate the leukemic stem cells which is an important phase to avoid the division and development of white blood cells that can be used to distribute new cancer tissues, since leukemia is a cancer malignancy of the white blood cells.

Current medical treatments are worthless as they only attempt to keep the number of the leukemia cells at a low level and carry many dangerous and sometimes lethal adverse reactions defeating the whole purpose of the treatment. Drug therapy for individuals suffering from leukemia is not able to completely treat the condition because it does not target the source of the new stem cells. Present treatments are unable to destroy the leukemia stem cells either and are unsuccessful at providing an effective treatment for the condition. Unlike the treatment procedures mentioned above, the all natural omega 3 fatty acids focuses on regrowth of white blood cells which is an essential phase in the treatment of leukemia. It was even mentioned that there were  no adverse reactions or damaging side effects from providing the natural fatty acids to the leukemia patients.

Scientists indicated that the substance would soon be conducted in human beings and is hopefully expected to obviously have a similar result. Long chain Omega fatty acids have been recorded to promote individual health and avoid serious diseases ranging from heart problems, metabolic syndrome, heart stroke to dementia and that taking 500 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids from EPA  a day may help avoid and treat leukemia and other cancer malignancy lines that depend on stem cells to duplicate and spread.

This substance is the Omega 3 fatty acids and is a natural extract from EPA which is generally found in fish and fish oil supplements.Fish Oil’s Omega 3 Fatty Acids Can Cure Leukemia and Omega 3 Fatty Acids can be found in the ARIIX Omega-Q!

Antioxidants and Phytochemicals


You probably have been wondering and asking all the questions of what antioxidants are, and how they play a major role in our overall health and wellness. If you would ask Mr. Webster, the definition of antioxidants “are any of various substances such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha-tocopherol that inhibit oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen and peroxides and that include many held to protect the living body from the deleterious effects of free radicals.”

antioxidantsHow antioxidants came to be

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In other words, antioxidants are the good guys and they help protect our bodies from harmful free radicals coming from stress, pollution, radiation from the sun and etc. But before anything else, have you ever wondered how these antioxidants came into existence? It has been discovered that the history of antioxidants started way back in the beginning of time when early bacteria living in the planet’s oxygen-deprived environment discovered to draw out power from the sun by mixing carbon dioxide from the air and dihydrogen oxide or water from the sea, enabling them to form the sugar they needed for their tissues to operate and function properly. This process was then known as photosynthesis and provided these early bacteria a competitive edge over other competing and related species, however it created a problem.

The byproduct of this process produced oxygen, which was a threat to these early bacteria for it has the possibility of destroying their DNA through oxidation. As a solution, they designed specialized antioxidants which we now refer to as phytochemicals, having the qualities that allow them to process the extra electrons discovered on oxidized substances and free radicals. This is how antioxidants are born. Phytochemicals have antioxidants in them that filter out these free radicals and within your body, different types of antioxidants are discovered in specific places where they can be most effective. For example, some act only in the greasy environment of fat tissues while others act in the fluid, water-like environment of muscle tissues. The latter is particularly essential, as the main power manufacturers within muscular tissues, the mitochondria, also flow fresh air radicals in oxygen-poor conditions. The capability of antioxidants to mop up these radicals allows them to perform an essential part in the combat against cancer growth and development as well as cellular damage.

Diet and exercise increase levels of antioxidants getting rid of toxins, which is the reason why it is recommended… it is healthy. The capability of antioxidants to mop up toxins allows them to perform an essential part in the combat against various illnesses and chronic diseases that our body is facing each and every day, especially in modern times where almost everything is instant and highly processed, compromising even our healthy diets. That is why even our main source of nutrition is compromised and has already been devoid of nutrients, it is now high time for us to seek the help of nutritional supplementation.

Busted Myths on Exercise and Diet 1 of 2

Exercise and Diet

Let me guess, you are already searching for everything and doing almost anything just to achieve a good, lasting and effective exercise program and diet right? Well, you have come to the right place because today we are going to be busting myths regarding exercise and diet. We are going to be separating the facts from the myths.

exercise and dietKnow the false myths related to exercise and diet

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A lot of people thought that stretching before exercise is very important and required, but based on research, it was found that stretching would only increase the chance of muscle tissue injury instead of what was thought to be a prevention. This happens because as you stretch your muscle tissues just before your diet and exercise regimen, muscle tissues are prolonged making them destabilized and not prepared for the pressuring demands needed for a normal to intense exercise and workout. In cases of activities involving running, jogging or even walking, a simple warm up or stretching might do the trick but with regards to weight lifting, muscle tissue does not need to be stretched before, but instead wait until you have finished doing the exercise and then proceed with stretching. This will be our first exercise and diet busted myth.

Another exercise and diet busted myth is related to eating fat. Many of us thought that fat is bad for you. Actually, fat is not entirely bad for you since there are what we call good fats and bad fats just like there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Surprisingly, there are plenty of good fats out there that are essential for great and optimal health that will help aid in the future prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases and illnesses. They are the ones that are normally found in foods such as fish, nuts, and avocados. Including little portions of these healthy foods can greatly contribute to your exercise and diet and thus will result in a healthier body and ideal weight loss.

The myth on ab crunches believed to get rid of belly fats and love handles is our next exercise and diet busted myth. Studies have shown that you can never focus on one area or body part when doing exercise and diet to be able to get rid of fat in that part. Instead of doing this, you should create an exercise and diet that contains both heart and muscle strength training components that will help in effectively reducing your overall extra body fat.

Beliefs pertaining to women having muscle gains when doing weight training is also a myth. An exercise and diet busted myth that is…Based on studies again (means that it is proven), most although not all body systems of females generate nearly enough of the muscle building hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the huge muscle gains seen in the male body system that is why some even take supplements and steroids to further increase testosterone hormone levels. If in rare cases you being a female will notice yourself getting bigger than you wanted you could simply use the strategy of more reps and less weight exercise where it is more focused on building endurance and muscle toning instead of body building. To finish the first half of our busted myths on exercise and diet revelations, we will now talk about the myth on never eating before exercising.  Most people believed this one to be true since they thought that eating before exercise would lead to problems such as food getting into the appendix. This will be the perfect time to forget that for it is a busted myth. We need to eat food to have the required nutrients and energy for our exercise and diet. Of course, we do not mean that you should get your stomach full because that would be another story. What we are trying to imply here is to eat just the right amount and the right foods prior to exercising to get the optimal benefits.

Health: The Most Important Thing In Life


As we go on this journey called life, it is inevitable for us to encounter problems and challenges along the way. This is actually healthy and normal because it helps us grow and become stronger and better people than before. Of all these countless and breath taking trials, there is only one that can be considered a major problem and should never ever be ignored. This problem is something that you must address right away or else you will die! Yes you read it right…this problem can kill you.

health with ariixHealth is something easy to maintain but hard to fix

ARIIX=True Definition of Health

I suppose a lot of thoughts are already running through your head right now, curious about what  the problem is I am talking about. This problem is actually not a stranger to  us. In fact,  all of us have this and all of us know about this issue. This is what we all know as HEALTH. Not what you have expected or maybe you were thinking worse but yes Health is the number one thing that a lot of people are having problems with nowadays, especially now that we are living in a highly industrialized world where  most of the things we need are undergoing harmful chemical processes with the purpose of making it good for us. Very ironic when you think about it. All these efforts are doing more harm than good, and its just sad that millions of people are dying due to this one big common problem we have with our health.

Health is something most of us take for granted. I really do not know the exact reasons why some people do, when they are already aware of the possible consequences of taking health for granted. It may be due to the fact that maintaining and taking care of your health is too much effort and too boring for some people, which is why they just stop thinking and caring about it.  They just want to enjoy life, carefree. Well, I have got to tell you that this is the wrong mindset and that one can still enjoy life while taking care of their health at the same time. In fact, if you take proper care of your health then you would really be enjoying life more because with good health, you have many more opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Taking care of ones health is not actually as hard as you might think. I believe that having bad health needs more exertion effort than having good health. Just think about it, if you take care of your health then you will get to enjoy everything that God has blessed you with. Everything that you have worked hard for will not be put to waste because you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. On the contrary, if you take your health for granted thinking that its just too much effort, you will get sick and weak which will require you to even exert more effort for healing an recovery. Not only will you be exerting too much effort when you get sick but you will be making other people worry about you and make them exert much effort as well. Health is wealth, you only have one…so take good care of it.

Fish Oil and Schizophrenia

Fish Oil

Another great benefit of fish oil that we can all take advantage of is its amazing proven results of considerably reducing the chances of developing the mind altering disease called Schizophrenia.

fish oil and schizophreniaFish oil and its ability to reduce the risks of developing Schizophrenia

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According to the director of an analysis center, this research will become part of a global focus now for it is an innovation and a great discovery of being able to treat Schizophrenia on its early stages just like with the discoveries of breasts cancers where we look for the tiniest breast lumps to prevent a very risky condition from getting established in the first place. This will become the same way now with fish oil and its very promising effects and benefits on Schizophrenia. This research will now be duplicated in nine other facilities around the world.

The research was a randomized three month period control test performed on 81 individuals between the age groups of 15 and 25 years old that are at risk of Schizophrenia due to their brief experiences of hallucinations and delusions. One half of the group obtained roughly 1.5 grams of a fish oil capsules while the other group only had a placebo. One year later of follow up, twenty eight percent of the group who had only a placebo developed psychosis. On the other hand only five percent of the group who had fish oil developed the same symptoms of psychosis. Early avoidance was also mentioned as a key factor in stopping the condition. Lead specialist Paul Amminger declares that the dangerous risk in the placebo group was seven times as high to develop psychosis and believed that this quite large impact is mainly because of early treatment and prevention. Results are much better beginning in the stage of the cause of a problem than later or in other words, prevention is always the best treatment and solution. The results of this research not only can benefit individual prone from developing Schizophrenia but also will help those people who are wishing to get around and avoid the use of anti psychotic medication since these are synthetics and artificially made and processed that even though it can decrease the chances of psychosis by twelve percent but will always have unwanted side effects and drug dependence like excess weight gain and other illnesses related to the heart.

This fish oil seems to be a very good and non-invasive natural substitute that could be securely used on at-risk people greatly reducing the chances of the disease. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have also been proven to decrease the threats of numerous health and environmental conditions comprehensively discussed earlier like depression, diabetic issues, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, breast cancer and even to global warming. The incredible effects and nutrients of fish oil, together with its omega 3 fatty acids can combat a wide range of diseases and illnesses, but all these positive effects of fish oil would be of no use if it is not coming from a great and reliable source. That is why we are here to guide and help you so that you may be able to maximize the benefits of fish oil and the rest of nature’s miraculous ingredients in the most powerful and potent form possible, only achieved when you take the world’s leading products today!

Obesity and Cancer


Obesity is the result of not knowing how to balance diet and exercise. Obesity happens when you exercise less and eat more, enabling fats to build up in the body especially in the midsection of male bodies. Obesity in the middle section is designed to store and lose fat quickly and easily which is the main reason why it is the place where most of the fat gets stored. Even if that’s the case, it is also the same place where most of the fat is shed when you start losing weight the proper and healthy way.

obesity and cancerHow Obesity Can Trigger Cancer

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This is also the reason why obesity leads to diabetes, inflammation, and cancer, since this fat grows so easily that sometimes it outgrows its own circulation. This causes the fat tissues to die making the body’s immune system send out white blood cells to clean up the debris. The consequences however are not just limited to that. Hormones created by mid section obesity affect the ability of tissues to properly take in insulin, which in turn results in overproduction of this enzyme plus another one called insulin-like growth factor triggering the growth and development of cancer cells.

When applied to human prostate glands in the laboratory, it was proven that excessive insulin-like growth factor prevents cancer tissues from dying and helps them grow!  in other words, hormones created by midsection obesity lead to an overproduction of effective stimulating elements for cancer growth and development. Beyond the consequences of one’s extra fat, the consequences of excess calorie consumption leading to midsection obesity also helps in feeding the cancer cells, in addition to the triggering effects of insulin, many forms of cancer tissues grow faster than do normal tissues and require excess energy for their development which they will be getting from those excess calorie body fat for energy. In cases when oxygen is scarce, cancer cells are unable to break down fat making them feed on carbohydrates and sugars for energy instead. Thus, the higher your carbohydrates and sugar consumption, the more nutrients you are providing to the growth.

Recent proven studies on animals showed that reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars dramatically slowed down growth development of cancer cells. Scientific studies on human beings on the other hand, also proved that reducing the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates became the best way to lose weight and stop obesity resulting in dramatic and incredible health benefits while slowing and preventing the progression of unwanted and deadly cancer cells. Although it has been strongly proven that excess intake of sugars and carbohydrates and obesity in the midsection from excess calorie consumption can also lead to other harmful and deadly effects such as cancer and other chronic diseases. It is however, unknown if long term reduction of sugars and carbohydrates consumption will be helpful despite of some very promising studies. It will only be a matter of time though.

How To Build Strong Muscles

Build Strong Muscles

It has been proven that increasing the consumption of proteins builds strong muscles and reduces hunger when losing weight by making it higher than the recommended and suggested allowance of only ten to thirty five percent of total calories.

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Of course, it is not only important to just build strong muscles but it is at the same time important to maintain this building of strong muscles. In order to do just that is to simply exercise at least one hour every single day. Do not confuse the build strong muscles term we are referring to here with weight lifting since progressive weight lifting has been proven to get buffed, improve resting metabolic rate, improve glucose tolerance, muscular function, aerobic fitness, improved bone strength and density, and improve lifestyle although it also helps to build strong muscles as well. Exercises build strong muscles by focusing more on strength and toning while lifting weights build strong muscles by focusing making it bigger and at the same time naturally stronger also. Note that when you maintain and build strong muscles, you can have a positive impact on metabolic rate for every pound of muscle used up with at least fourteen calories for every three calories used up by a pound of fat.  Therefore this means that the number of calories expended per day is at least in part determined by the ratio of muscle to fat.

Increasing exercise together with an increased consumption of proteins not only builds strong muscles but it will also help you sustain a good, healthy and balanced weight in the long run by helping in the prevention of muscle loss caused by inactivity, aging, and therapies. Having all these benefits will in turn provide you with more power and the capability to still have fun and still get to be involved in highly strenuous and dynamic activities, allowing you to enjoy life even more without limits.

 In addition to optimizing and living life to its fullest by taking care of your health and wellness such as the guidelines mentioned above, is to concentrate on a good diet of fruits and vegetables. You have to make sure that you have overall fitness and that means both inside and out. When you build strong muscles, you are taking care of your body on the outside and that should go along with taking care of the inside. Unfortunately, the normal vegetable serving is only 50 calories and the regular fruit serving is only 70 calories, while enhanced sugars like pasta, bread, cakes, rice, and etc have a whooping 200 calories minimum and can even go higher just for a regular serving.

Just imagine having to go on a bicycle ride for eight miles in thirty minutes just to use up the calories consumed in a donut or run about three miles in thirty minutes just to use up the calories consumed in a regular sized potato! That is unbelievable! This is why, in order to optimize health or even build strong muscles, it is a must to minimize your calorie consumption from artificial and processed foods like enhanced sugars such as these.

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