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ARIIX Optimals: Minerals

Know the benefits of taking the ARIIX Minerals

Packed with 32 minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, the ARIIX Mineral supplement provides the perfectariix optimals nutritional support for maintaining overall health. Adequate mineral intake has been shown to help support heart, eye, skin, and lung function, as well as to promote improved bone, muscle, nerve and prostate health. The ARIIX Minerals also provide the chemical-building blocks necessary for the development and formation of new healthy cells, and they help keep your spine and joints from breaking down over time. This high quality blend will help your body function at its peak, and can aid in maintaining a higher quality of life as you age.

The ARIIX Optimals have been designed to provide advanced levels of essential nutrients shown to provide a health benefit communicated through medical literature which is referred to as cellular nutrition by ARIIX’s Dr. Ray Strand. A one-a-day multivitamin is based on RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), which was established as the minimal amount needed to avoid acute deficiency diseases like pellagra or scurvy. Numerous studies have shown no significant health benefits from one-a-day multivitamins. However, there are thousands of studies that show health benefits from supplementing a healthy diet with the optimal or advanced levels of nutrients like the ones found in the ARIIX Optimals. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to consume the recommended full dosage amount of supplements that it says on the bottle each day.

Children on the other hand, can also take the ARIIX Optimals but in a lesser dosage. Children ages 5 to 8 years only need one Mineral capsule along with one Vitamin capsule per day. If they are unable to swallow a pill or capsule, the contents of the capsule can be poured into a drink or meal replacement shake like the ARIIX Pure Nourish. You certainly can also blend in different frozen fruits to make these drinks tastier and you will not change the potency or the ability to absorb these nutrients by doing this.

For Children ages 9 to 12 years (with weight ranging from 75 to 100 pounds) it is recommend for them to be taking 2 Vitamin capsules per day along with 1 Mineral capsule per day. Again, if they are not able to swallow pills or capsules you can follow the same recommendations stated above for the 5 to 8 year olds.

Finally, for Children 13 to 18 years of age with weight range 100 to 120 pounds, it is recommended to give them one-half the adult dose of Vitamins and Minerals daily which means three Vitamin capsules and two Mineral capsules per day in divided doses. Two Vitamin capsules and one Mineral Capsule with breakfast and one Vitamin capsule and one Mineral capsule with the evening meal.   (Use adult dosage recommendations if weight is more than 120 pounds)

ARIIX stands alone in its unique comprehension of health sciences, and that is what takes the ARIIX products to the next level of excellence. ARIIX has worked with leading experts in the health and wellness industries to formulate the products so that they not only contain the most beneficial ingredients, but also are formulated in the ideal ratios for your body to absorb and utilize for maximum benefit. As mentioned earlier the ARIIX Optimals (Vitamins and Minerals) are intended to be taken together and sold as a pair. What are you waiting for, start taking charge of your health now by using the ARIIX Optimals for optimal nutrition!

ARIIX’s Bob Gajda PhD


Body builder Bob Gajda PhD chooses ARIIX

Why he chose ARIIX

Prior to ARIIX, in 1966, Bob Gajda achieved what no other person ever has, by winning the three biggest bodybuildingariix bob gajda competitions in the world;  Mr. USA, Mr. America and Mr. Universe in the same year. He was able to achieve this, along with his incredible physique, by the use of the Peripheral Heart Action system of circuit training that he himself developed, along with partnering with legends of the sport, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva, who put it to use in gyms from Chicago to Muscle Beach. Bob Gajda has been inducted into the World Body Building Guild (WBBG), International Fitness Hall of Fame as well as the National Fitness Hall of Fame, and The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen (AOBS) Hall of Fame.

This level of achievement would have already been enough for most people but not for Bob Gajda. With all these accomplishments he next founded Gajda Health Plus Network by applying a PhD in Kinesiological Studies together with his Total Body Training Philosophy. He is also the Executive Director and leader in the corrective therapeutic movement.

ARIIX‘s Bob Gajda said “At Gajda Health Plus Network, our primary mission is to transform weakness into wellness, and potential into performance, and this is accomplished by incorporating advances in science, medicine, rehabilitation and training to overall health. Our services have appeal to both team and individual sport participants as they focus on injury prevention, conditioning and core strength.”

Gajda Health Plus Network offers a wide variety of services including, physical therapy, total body training, personal training, chiropractic care, pain management, podiatry and sports medicine. Additional approaches to wellness include massage therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue hot stone therapy, herbal healing and nutritional counseling. Over the years, Gajda has worked with professional body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chicago Bears greats, Jim McMahon and Gary Fencik, tennis legends, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, and New York Yankee, Eric Soderholm.

Besides his bodybuilding career and health network, ARIIX‘s Bob Gajda is also a noted author and holds a number of patents on fitness, exercise and rehabilitation products. In the community, he has served as a Director of the American Cancer Society and Assistant Director of the Robert Crown Center for Health and Education. Professional affiliations include American College of Sports Medicine, American School Health Association, American Corrective Therapy Association, Institute of General Semantics and the American Kinesiotherapy Association. He was named Kinesiotherapist of the Year in 1987 by the American Kinesiotherapy Association.

ARIIX’s Bob Gajda has been using supplements for over fifty years now and firmly agreed that they definitely helped him to win the bodybuilding titles. As a therapist, he has also seen the essential and beneficial effects to his patients. He supports and has joined ARIIX as council member because of the fact that ARIIX truly has pharmaceutical purity and guaranteed potency, combined with the right vision of helping each other achieve personal and overall success. He expects the best results from using the ARIIX products and will make it a part of his health practice. Become an ARIIX champion NOW!

ARIIX’s Robert Gast


Martial Artist Robert Gast chooses ARIIX

Why he chose ARIIX

Besides MLB All-Star Wally Joyner, we also have another great member of the ARIIX Athletic and wellness council, andariix robert gast he is non other than martial arts expert Robert Gast. As a coach and athlete, his forefront motivation is to be the best he can be and offer the best to his athletes. This is the big answer to “why” he chose ARIIX above the rest, for his personal health and nutritional needs. To be a part of not only a company that strives to be the gold standard for excellence in products but also to be part of the Athlete and Wellness Council, is something he truly finds an honor. He is amazed and humbled at the same time. Robert believes that what ARIIX offers in both products and as a company goes hand in hand with what his life as a martial arts athlete is all about; which is to care deeply about the physical fitness, health, and overall well being of a person.

In his 25 years of martial arts training and international competition, it has allowed and enabled him to experience many training methodologies as well as what works and what does not work regarding athletic supplementation. Having a great understanding of what athletes need and should consume as part of their training regimen in order to compete at their highest levels, is something he possesses and shares with his own students and clients.

Recently, ARIIX’s Robert Gast almost lost his mother-in-law due to what we all think was her doctors “over prescribing” prescription medication. She was on a total of 7 medications daily. Over the last 3 years she had lost 70 lbs by eating better and working out regularly. During this time while her body began its own healing process, her medications were never modified to suite her new lifestyle. In short, after a week long battle in the hospital, doctors could not find out what was ailing her and eventually released her with a plan for several follow up tests in order to identify what the problem really was. Upon her release, doctors took her off 5 medications lowering her daily prescriptions to only 2 medications. This experience furthered the beliefs of ARIIX’s Robert Gast that a reactive (prescription based) approach to health should only come after a more proactive (natural supplementation and fitness) approach is taken first.

Being an athlete and wellness council member, ARIIX’s Robert Gast has specific goals that he would like to accomplish. One of which is the fight to cure childhood obesity in America one day at a time. He feels the need for extended education for parents, who may not understand what a healthy diet or ample amount of physical fitness for their children should look like. With about fifty two percent of all American children now being considered obese, he feels that he has the huge responsibility of fighting this problem.  Together, with the resources of ARIIX and its family of wellness council members, he feels and firmly believes that, as one ARIIX family, they will make a great team in fighting this epidemic. Fight for health now!

ARIIX Optimals: Molybdenum & Inositol


Besides the famous and beneficial Vitamin B complex, the ARIIX Optimals also contain molybdenum which is a traceariix optimals vitamins molybdenum mineral found in most life forms, and is essential to the body’s health. These results were found from testing and research done on molybdenum:

ARIIX Optimals: Vitamins

An In-Depth review of the ARIIX Vitamins

  • American Cancer Society believes that Molybdenum is involved in many important biological processes, possibly including development of the nervous system, waste processing in the kidneys, and energy production in the cells.
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