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“My passion is to help others identify their vision, find their purpose and live their best life! I believe in being the absolute best I can be!” 🙂



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Lynn Allen-Johnson is an author, entrepreneur and self made millionaire who has reinvented herself at the age of 50 and has the passion to share her vision and knowledge to motivate others to do the same. Lynn has traveled the world speaking and inspiring audiences in the thousands. She has shared the stage with Denis Waitley, Robert G. Allen, Larry King and even Les Brown.


For many years, Lynn Allen-Johnson lived her life in mediocrity or poverty while raising two kids as a single Mom. She resided in a small apartment and barely got by paycheck to paycheck. Lynn didn’t have a lot of options to improve her situation. In 1997, that all began to change as Lynn decided to take control of her life, and her modest existence in a small apartment is just a memory now.


She is now blessed beyond measure and can do anything she chooses to do. Now Lynn’s passion is to help others identify their vision, find their purpose and live their best life. She can help you dream, get out of your own way and thrive in this down economy.


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Lynn Allen-Johnson 2014 ARIIX Vision Award Winner!

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Lynn Allen-Johnson is featured in The Greatest Networkers in the World.


The book was released November of 2011, by John Milton Fogg.  It talks about how Lynn out of only 21 people in the world became a self-made millionaire after living in poverty as a single-mother, surviving paycheck to paycheck!

The Greatest Networks - Lynn Allen Johnson


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Lynn Allen-Johnson with New York Times Best Selling Author Robert G. Allen!

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World Renowned Speaker and Best-Selling Author Dr. Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley

And Yours Truly Lynn Allen-Johnson!



Lynn Allen-Johnson with the Network Marketing Legend Tim Sales!

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