Obesity and Cancer


Obesity is the result of not knowing how to balance diet and exercise. Obesity happens when you exercise less and eat more, enabling fats to build up in the body especially in the midsection of male bodies. Obesity in the middle section is designed to store and lose fat quickly and easily which is the main reason why it is the place where most of the fat gets stored. Even if that’s the case, it is also the same place where most of the fat is shed when you start losing weight the proper and healthy way.

obesity and cancerHow Obesity Can Trigger Cancer

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This is also the reason why obesity leads to diabetes, inflammation, and cancer, since this fat grows so easily that sometimes it outgrows its own circulation. This causes the fat tissues to die making the body’s immune system send out white blood cells to clean up the debris. The consequences however are not just limited to that. Hormones created by mid section obesity affect the ability of tissues to properly take in insulin, which in turn results in overproduction of this enzyme plus another one called insulin-like growth factor triggering the growth and development of cancer cells.

When applied to human prostate glands in the laboratory, it was proven that excessive insulin-like growth factor prevents cancer tissues from dying and helps them grow!  in other words, hormones created by midsection obesity lead to an overproduction of effective stimulating elements for cancer growth and development. Beyond the consequences of one’s extra fat, the consequences of excess calorie consumption leading to midsection obesity also helps in feeding the cancer cells, in addition to the triggering effects of insulin, many forms of cancer tissues grow faster than do normal tissues and require excess energy for their development which they will be getting from those excess calorie body fat for energy. In cases when oxygen is scarce, cancer cells are unable to break down fat making them feed on carbohydrates and sugars for energy instead. Thus, the higher your carbohydrates and sugar consumption, the more nutrients you are providing to the growth.

Recent proven studies on animals showed that reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars dramatically slowed down growth development of cancer cells. Scientific studies on human beings on the other hand, also proved that reducing the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates became the best way to lose weight and stop obesity resulting in dramatic and incredible health benefits while slowing and preventing the progression of unwanted and deadly cancer cells. Although it has been strongly proven that excess intake of sugars and carbohydrates and obesity in the midsection from excess calorie consumption can also lead to other harmful and deadly effects such as cancer and other chronic diseases. It is however, unknown if long term reduction of sugars and carbohydrates consumption will be helpful despite of some very promising studies. It will only be a matter of time though.

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