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Every highly successful person, not just in network marketing, but in general, will always have one thing in common with the rest of the highly successful people in the world.  The common thread is the fact that all of them highly prioritize the most productive activities above the ordinary ones.

network marketing productivity secretsExtraordinary productivity secrets in Network Marketing

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All highly successful people, especially in network marketing, always do the most productive and highest paying activities first thing in the morning making it their number one priority. They rarely let distractions get in their way and commit first to these highest paying activities and have the incredible discipline to really stick to it until they finish it.

When they work, they really work hard and smart and when they take a break and have fun they also know how to relax and enjoy it. In network marketing, it is all a matter of balance and focusing on priorities to make one highly successful. This is a good strategy because you are still able to do productive things bringing you closer to your goals each day and at the same time not compromise the value of knowing how to have fun and when to have fun.

Being productive in network marketing does not necessarily mean being serious all of the time because that would be boring. Remember the saying, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy? It is proven that knowing how to have fun is still very important and plays a vital role in life, you just have to know how to do it and in the right place at the right time.

The next productivity secret by extraordinarily successful people in network marketing is pretty much applicable to anything and not just purely on the network marketing business alone. It is called batching, where you batch together a certain group of things to do so that you can more efficiently accomplish them in the fastest, shortest, and most effective way possible. To apply this productivity secret in network marketing is to follow this concrete example. Let’s say today you are taking a break from all your hard work network marketing business activities and you just decided to have fun and relax. Believe it or not you can still do something productive despite being in vacation mode and that is to simply talk and make friends with strangers while you are relaxing. Say you are at the beach just hanging out and relaxing, you can still apply the productivity secret of batching by being friendly to the people around you at the beach making them potential customers and business partners in your business. In short, instead of you scheduling this day for relaxation and the other day for prospecting you have already managed to batch both prospecting and relaxation in one single day enabling you to do more productive activities the following days. Know and apply all of these by heart and notice how productive you will become when you make this a habit.

Work hard and play hard and know how to combine the two!

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