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Busted Myths on Exercise and Diet 2 of 2

Exercise and Diet

It is good to know that you are serious about your exercise and diet. So let us now proceed with the final half of our exercise and diet busted myths.

exercise and dietKnow the false myths related to exercise and diet

Exercise and Diet PLUS ARIIX equals Overall Fulfillment

Let us start with our busted exercise and diet myth on eating as much as you want, as long as the food is healthy. Although the food is good for you, just because it is healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to overeat! A nutrient is a nutrient and a calorie is a calorie. Healthy foods still have calories in them. Take for example oats, this will still make you gain weight and be bad for you if you consume too much of it. Remember what we have discussed again and again, how too much or too little is always bad for you and that life is always a matter of balance.

Whether it is healthy or not it still has calories and you must still be aware of the quantity you are taking in. You must limit your consumption if you want or need to lose weight. Lastly as you apply this, always remember to balance your calorie and nutrient consumption throughout the day to avoid cravings and deprivations.

The next busted exercise and diet myth is on reducing calorie consumption as the best way to shed body weight. Although reducing calorie intake would help,  that alone would not be effective on its own, but combined with exercise you can shed body weight effectively and boost metabolic rate in a healthy way. People often believed that in order for them to lose weight is to drastically cut down the calories like eating less than 1000 calories per day which is unhealthy and ineffective since doing so will not usually provide the sufficient energy for the body and may even slow metabolic rate making you gain extra weight instead of losing it. Drastic actions will never yield lasting and long term results.So as a start, begin little and gradually remove 100-300 calories as you do your daily exercise and diet.

As you do exercise and diet people also believed that you have to sweat in order to justify good exercise which is not really the case. Sweating is not actually an indication of efficiency but sweating is rather your body’s way of cooling and calming itself down, since it is possible to burn a significant number of calories without breaking a sweat. Speaking of exercise, this finally leads us to our last but not the least exercise and diet busted myth which proves that working out would never change fats into muscles since both are made up of consistently two different types of cellular tissues making it impossible to happen. While you can reduce one and substitute it with another, the two will never convert to the other.

Antioxidants and Phytochemicals


You probably have been wondering and asking all the questions of what antioxidants are, and how they play a major role in our overall health and wellness. If you would ask Mr. Webster, the definition of antioxidants “are any of various substances such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha-tocopherol that inhibit oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen and peroxides and that include many held to protect the living body from the deleterious effects of free radicals.”

antioxidantsHow antioxidants came to be

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In other words, antioxidants are the good guys and they help protect our bodies from harmful free radicals coming from stress, pollution, radiation from the sun and etc. But before anything else, have you ever wondered how these antioxidants came into existence? It has been discovered that the history of antioxidants started way back in the beginning of time when early bacteria living in the planet’s oxygen-deprived environment discovered to draw out power from the sun by mixing carbon dioxide from the air and dihydrogen oxide or water from the sea, enabling them to form the sugar they needed for their tissues to operate and function properly. This process was then known as photosynthesis and provided these early bacteria a competitive edge over other competing and related species, however it created a problem.

The byproduct of this process produced oxygen, which was a threat to these early bacteria for it has the possibility of destroying their DNA through oxidation. As a solution, they designed specialized antioxidants which we now refer to as phytochemicals, having the qualities that allow them to process the extra electrons discovered on oxidized substances and free radicals. This is how antioxidants are born. Phytochemicals have antioxidants in them that filter out these free radicals and within your body, different types of antioxidants are discovered in specific places where they can be most effective. For example, some act only in the greasy environment of fat tissues while others act in the fluid, water-like environment of muscle tissues. The latter is particularly essential, as the main power manufacturers within muscular tissues, the mitochondria, also flow fresh air radicals in oxygen-poor conditions. The capability of antioxidants to mop up these radicals allows them to perform an essential part in the combat against cancer growth and development as well as cellular damage.

Diet and exercise increase levels of antioxidants getting rid of toxins, which is the reason why it is recommended… it is healthy. The capability of antioxidants to mop up toxins allows them to perform an essential part in the combat against various illnesses and chronic diseases that our body is facing each and every day, especially in modern times where almost everything is instant and highly processed, compromising even our healthy diets. That is why even our main source of nutrition is compromised and has already been devoid of nutrients, it is now high time for us to seek the help of nutritional supplementation.

Busted Myths on Exercise and Diet 1 of 2

Exercise and Diet

Let me guess, you are already searching for everything and doing almost anything just to achieve a good, lasting and effective exercise program and diet right? Well, you have come to the right place because today we are going to be busting myths regarding exercise and diet. We are going to be separating the facts from the myths.

exercise and dietKnow the false myths related to exercise and diet

Exercise and Diet PLUS ARIIX equals Overall Fulfillment

A lot of people thought that stretching before exercise is very important and required, but based on research, it was found that stretching would only increase the chance of muscle tissue injury instead of what was thought to be a prevention. This happens because as you stretch your muscle tissues just before your diet and exercise regimen, muscle tissues are prolonged making them destabilized and not prepared for the pressuring demands needed for a normal to intense exercise and workout. In cases of activities involving running, jogging or even walking, a simple warm up or stretching might do the trick but with regards to weight lifting, muscle tissue does not need to be stretched before, but instead wait until you have finished doing the exercise and then proceed with stretching. This will be our first exercise and diet busted myth.

Another exercise and diet busted myth is related to eating fat. Many of us thought that fat is bad for you. Actually, fat is not entirely bad for you since there are what we call good fats and bad fats just like there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Surprisingly, there are plenty of good fats out there that are essential for great and optimal health that will help aid in the future prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases and illnesses. They are the ones that are normally found in foods such as fish, nuts, and avocados. Including little portions of these healthy foods can greatly contribute to your exercise and diet and thus will result in a healthier body and ideal weight loss.

The myth on ab crunches believed to get rid of belly fats and love handles is our next exercise and diet busted myth. Studies have shown that you can never focus on one area or body part when doing exercise and diet to be able to get rid of fat in that part. Instead of doing this, you should create an exercise and diet that contains both heart and muscle strength training components that will help in effectively reducing your overall extra body fat.

Beliefs pertaining to women having muscle gains when doing weight training is also a myth. An exercise and diet busted myth that is…Based on studies again (means that it is proven), most although not all body systems of females generate nearly enough of the muscle building hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the huge muscle gains seen in the male body system that is why some even take supplements and steroids to further increase testosterone hormone levels. If in rare cases you being a female will notice yourself getting bigger than you wanted you could simply use the strategy of more reps and less weight exercise where it is more focused on building endurance and muscle toning instead of body building. To finish the first half of our busted myths on exercise and diet revelations, we will now talk about the myth on never eating before exercising.  Most people believed this one to be true since they thought that eating before exercise would lead to problems such as food getting into the appendix. This will be the perfect time to forget that for it is a busted myth. We need to eat food to have the required nutrients and energy for our exercise and diet. Of course, we do not mean that you should get your stomach full because that would be another story. What we are trying to imply here is to eat just the right amount and the right foods prior to exercising to get the optimal benefits.

How To Build Strong Muscles

Build Strong Muscles

It has been proven that increasing the consumption of proteins builds strong muscles and reduces hunger when losing weight by making it higher than the recommended and suggested allowance of only ten to thirty five percent of total calories.

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Of course, it is not only important to just build strong muscles but it is at the same time important to maintain this building of strong muscles. In order to do just that is to simply exercise at least one hour every single day. Do not confuse the build strong muscles term we are referring to here with weight lifting since progressive weight lifting has been proven to get buffed, improve resting metabolic rate, improve glucose tolerance, muscular function, aerobic fitness, improved bone strength and density, and improve lifestyle although it also helps to build strong muscles as well. Exercises build strong muscles by focusing more on strength and toning while lifting weights build strong muscles by focusing making it bigger and at the same time naturally stronger also. Note that when you maintain and build strong muscles, you can have a positive impact on metabolic rate for every pound of muscle used up with at least fourteen calories for every three calories used up by a pound of fat.  Therefore this means that the number of calories expended per day is at least in part determined by the ratio of muscle to fat.

Increasing exercise together with an increased consumption of proteins not only builds strong muscles but it will also help you sustain a good, healthy and balanced weight in the long run by helping in the prevention of muscle loss caused by inactivity, aging, and therapies. Having all these benefits will in turn provide you with more power and the capability to still have fun and still get to be involved in highly strenuous and dynamic activities, allowing you to enjoy life even more without limits.

 In addition to optimizing and living life to its fullest by taking care of your health and wellness such as the guidelines mentioned above, is to concentrate on a good diet of fruits and vegetables. You have to make sure that you have overall fitness and that means both inside and out. When you build strong muscles, you are taking care of your body on the outside and that should go along with taking care of the inside. Unfortunately, the normal vegetable serving is only 50 calories and the regular fruit serving is only 70 calories, while enhanced sugars like pasta, bread, cakes, rice, and etc have a whooping 200 calories minimum and can even go higher just for a regular serving.

Just imagine having to go on a bicycle ride for eight miles in thirty minutes just to use up the calories consumed in a donut or run about three miles in thirty minutes just to use up the calories consumed in a regular sized potato! That is unbelievable! This is why, in order to optimize health or even build strong muscles, it is a must to minimize your calorie consumption from artificial and processed foods like enhanced sugars such as these.

Caffeine In Athletic Performance


Despite considerable research in this area, the use of caffeine as a performance enhancing drug is still questionable. Some of the data is inconsistent, which is in part due to how the trial research was designed and what methods were used. However, there is general agreement in a few areas. First is that caffeine does not appear to be beneficial in short, intense workouts such as sprinting, and two is that caffeine can enhance efficiency in long endurance activities.

caffeine ariix rejuveniix on athletic performanceCaffeine in Athletes

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We all know that Glycogen is the key fuel for muscular tissue and when it gets depleted we experience exhaustion. Another fuel which is much more abundant is fat. As long as there is still glycogen available, operating muscular tissues can still utilize fat. Caffeine mobilizes fatty deposits and makes operating muscular tissues to use fat as the fuel. This sets back the exhaustion of muscular glycogen and allows for a longer workout. The critical time frame in glycogen sparing seems to happen during the first fifteen minutes of a work out, wherein caffeine has been shown to reduce glycogen utilization by as much as 50%. Glycogen saved at the beginning is thus available during the later stages of work outs. Although the exact method by which caffeine does this is still uncertain, it caused sparing in all of the scientific examining on people where muscular glycogen stages were calculated. The impact on efficiency, which was observed in most trial research, was that tested subjects were able to work out for longer before exhaustion took place.

In addition to the benefits on muscle tissues, caffeine may alter the perception of how hard you will work. During examination, athletes are asked to assess their effort which is referred to as the rating of perceived effort (RPE). Some research has produced significantly lower RPE’s meaning less exhaustion when they used caffeine, while other research has not found this impact. Obviously, the RPE is very very subjective, and there are many things that may influence it.

In Ironman races, the work out research on caffeine involved testing of endurance of roughly 2 hours which means there is no specific information relevant to ultra-endurance competitions like Ironman Races. Although Pre-race caffeine may be valuable because the longer the competition is, the more essential fat is needed for fuel. Whether this source of caffeine usefulness in Ironman races is still unknown, we do know for sure that these do supply necessary carbohydrates.

If you choose to use caffeine, then a few tips to maximize its benefits would be to consume 3 – 4 hours before the competition since the highest possible coffee impact on fat storage seems to happen several times after peak blood flow stages. Another tip is to consider reducing or refraining from coffee for 3 – 4 days prior to competition to ensure highest possible impact. Be careful though, because some may encounter withdrawals. Lastly, is to make sure that you have used caffeine substantially under a variety of training conditions and are thoroughly familiar with how your human body responds to this drug. Never try anything new on competition days and always be prepared to accept the consequences if your urine test is above limits.

Four Diet and Exercise Success Secrets

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise success secret number one is all about learning how to handle and reduce stress. If thoughts of stress, unhappiness, or anxiety are causing actual issues, keeping these inside can cause your symptoms  to get worse. It is okay to let your loved ones know when something is on your mind. However, remember that your buddies and household may not be able to help you cope with your thoughts properly. At these periods, ask someone outside the situation like your local doctor or specialist for advice and assistance to help you increase your overall psychological wellness.

diet and exercise success secretDiet and Exercise Success Secrets

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Try not to think too much about the issues at work, school, or home that cause negativity. This doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be satisfied when you experience anxiety or irritation, it just means to try not to sweat the small stuff. Studies have shown that having a good frame of mind can increase your way of life and give your health a boost in addition to proper diet and exercise. You may also need to figure out tips on how to let go of some factors in your lifestyle that cause you to experience stress and confusion. Several ways to do this and bring your emotions to balance is through leisure methods like training and relaxation. Always remember also to get enough sleep, watch what you eat, exercise daily, and never abuse alcohol or drugs.

The second diet and exercise success secret is to plan ahead. Take for example, if you are going to eat at a restaurant, plan in advance and think about how to ensure you eat sensible and nutritious food. Do this no matter what and even if it will stress you out. Plan ahead and stick to it. If you can do this then it will be easier for you to follow through on also planning ahead every week for your healthy diet and exercise objectives.

The next diet and exercise success secret is to be aware of your self and have a conscience, to always have the feeling that someone is watching you. While applying change habits, learn how to monitor yourself and your actions. One example to do this is to put up a diet and exercise tracker or something like that by either using advanced technology such as computers and gadgets, or simply plain old paper to make you monitor and be aware of your own self and how you are doing so far. Track your history progress for you to be able to effectively see the things that need the most improvement.

Finally, our fourth and last diet and exercise success secret is no other than moral support. This is pretty much self explanatory but I will explain it anyway. To have great success with diet and exercise is to have your families and friends support and motivate you along the way, especially to those individuals who have a good understanding of what you are going through probably because they experienced the same thing. No man is an island and we are “social animals” as they call it. So balance life and we wish you all the best in achieving health and overall success!

Dopamine and Caffeine


Dopamine is a natural chemical that triggers pleasure in certain areas of the brain. Drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin control dopamine levels by lowering the rate of dopamine re-absorption. Caffeine improves dopamine levels in the same way, and although its impact is much weaker than that of heroin, the procedure is all the same. Scientists suspect that this dopamine relationship is what plays a role in caffeine addiction.

caffeine and dopamineCaffeine affects dopamine neurotransmitter

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You can see why your body program might like caffeine temporarily, especially if you lack sleep and need to stay dynamic and awake. Caffeine, as discussed earlier, also prevents adenosine reception so you experience awareness. It adds excitement into the program to give you an extra boost and manipulates dopamine development to cause you to feel much better. Caffeine can cause a terrible circle of problems in the future, an example of which is once the caffeine-induced excitement wears off, you experience exhaustion and depressive disorder. Another cup of coffee or power drink can get the excitement flowing again, but having your body in a state of urgency all day long would not be very healthy and not balanced at all, which is why it is bad for you and your body.

The most essential long-term problem with caffeine is its impact on your rest. The half-life of caffeine in your body is about six hours. That indicates that consuming a big cup of coffee containing 200 mg of caffeine at 3:00 p.m. will keep about 100 mg of that caffeine in your system at 9:00 p.m. As we know adenosine, essential to rest and especially to deep rest is affected by caffeine too and so, although you may be able to get to sleep after having that big cup of coffee, your body’s system will still be missing out on the benefits and advantages of a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

This lack of sleep accumulates fast. The next day you feel worse since you did not sleep well and you need caffeine as soon as you get out of bed. The pattern carries on day after day and will now become a cycle. Once you get into this pattern, you have to keep consuming the drug to put off an unavoidable comedown. Trying to stop can keep you exhausted and frustrated, battling pounding headaches as blood vessels in the brain enlarge. These negative results can be enough to force caffeine addicts back to the drug, starting over and over again, making you unable to stop because you have a feeling that you need it to get through the day. The irony here is that the main reason you cannot get through the day is because you had coffee the day before.

But despite of these, as I mentioned earlier, caffeine is not really as bad as you think it is. Remember that it has some really good and healthy benefits if you just know how to handle it in the right amounts. The cycle mentioned above only happens to people who abuse caffeine which is normal, because like anything in this world, if abused, will lead to bad consequences. Its as simple as that… everything in moderation.

Caffeine Is Everywhere


Caffeine can be naturally found in many plants such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, tea leaves and many more, so one can easily agree it is found in a wide range of sources. Caffeine is also added to many other products, along with a wide range of drinks. Take example, Coca-Cola which was initially created with extract from the kola nut normally contains caffeine and is the main source of the well known taste that made early drinkers love the product and the reason why it got so popular nowadays. It was the caffeine in the Coca-Cola products that created the cravings, although the cocaine in the drink’s early formulas used to also play a role in that increased craving.

caffeine everywhere like in our dietEven today’s modern diet has plenty of caffeine content

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Today, Colas in general  are now created with synthetic tastes and caffeine is often included and just being added during the process. Common caffeinated carbonated drinks like Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper) contain about 35 to 55 mg per can weighing 12-ounce or 355 milliliters. Items like Container and Impact move up against the FDA’s formal restriction for how much caffeine a product promoted as a soft drink can contain: coming in at 71 mg per 12-ounce (355 milliliter) can.

Well-known drinks like Red Bull contain about 80 mg of caffeine per 8.3-ounce or 245-milliliters and Rockstar contains 8-ounces or 236-milliliters. Energy drinks are the relatively new trend in caffeinated drinks, which mix large levels of caffeine with sugar and other stimulating elements. It was wise of them to get around the FDA’s restriction limit by not putting themselves in the categories of sodas.

Caffeine also seems to be in many popular foods. Many people think of the popular chocolate as a caffeine-filled food, but although chocolate does contain caffeine, the quantities are very low. To put it into perspective, the quantity could only be anywhere from 3 to 63 mg in a 50-gram bar of chocolate since hot cocoa and chocolate milk are mostly water or milk and thus contain far less caffeine than normal having only servings of  less than 8 mg per 5-ounce or 150-milliliters. The caffeine content levels also vary with regards to the bar’s combination of flavorings, cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, seasonings and additives.

Besides the well known energy drinks and chocolate, caffeine can also be found in herbal teas and of course coffee. While the preparation techniques and types of coffees or tea leaves used to generate a serving of these drinks can impact their caffeine levels and concentration, both have the potential to contain more caffeine than even powerful energy drinks. Take for example, a 5-ounce or 147-milliliter serving of coffee could contain up to 150 mg of caffeine, while the same serving of black tea could contain as much as 80 mg. To put these serving sizes in viewpoint, if you are buying your coffee at places like Starbucks or your local convenience store or consuming it at home or the office out of a mug, you may be taking it in 12, 14-or 20 ounce containers. You can determine your estimated amount of caffeine a day based on your regular serving size.