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Productivity Secrets for Network Marketing 1 of 2

Network Marketing

Every highly successful person, not just in network marketing, but in general, will always have one thing in common with the rest of the highly successful people in the world.  The common thread is the fact that all of them highly prioritize the most productive activities above the ordinary ones.

network marketing productivity secretsExtraordinary productivity secrets in Network Marketing

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All highly successful people, especially in network marketing, always do the most productive and highest paying activities first thing in the morning making it their number one priority. They rarely let distractions get in their way and commit first to these highest paying activities and have the incredible discipline to really stick to it until they finish it.

When they work, they really work hard and smart and when they take a break and have fun they also know how to relax and enjoy it. In network marketing, it is all a matter of balance and focusing on priorities to make one highly successful. This is a good strategy because you are still able to do productive things bringing you closer to your goals each day and at the same time not compromise the value of knowing how to have fun and when to have fun. Continue reading

ARIIX Rep Participitation on other companies & Confidentiality


Rep Participation in Other Network Marketing Programs is not prohibited,  but if a Rep is engaged in other non-ARIIX direct selling programs, it is the responsibility of the Rep to ensure that his or her ARIIX business is operated entirely separate and apart from any other program. To this end, the following must be adhered to:
-Reps must not sell, or attempt to sell, any competing non-ARIIX programs, products or services to ARIIX Customers, Members, or Reps other than those they have personally enrolled. Any program, product or services in the same generic categories as ARIIX products or services is deemed to be competing, regardless of differences in cost, quality or other distinguishing factors.
-Reps shall not display ARIIX promotional material, sales aids, products or services with or in the same location as, any non-ARIIX promotional material or sales aids, products or services.
-Reps shall not offer the opportunity, products or services to prospective or existing Customers or Reps in conjunction with any non-ARIIX program, opportunity, product or service.
-Reps may not offer any non-ARIIX opportunity, products, services or opportunity at any ARIIX-related meeting, seminar, convention, webinar, teleconference, or other function.

ariix on other network marketing companies & confidentialityOperating an ARIIX Business

ARIIX Policies & Procedures

“Confidential Information” includes, but is not limited to, Downline Genealogy Reports,the identities of ARIIX customers and Reps, contact information of ARIIX customers and Reps,Reps’ personal and group sales volumes, and Rep title and/or achievement levels. Confidential Information is, or may be available, to Reps in their respective back-offices. Rep access to such confidential information is password protected, and is confidential and constitutes proprietary information and business trade secrets belonging to ARIIX. Such confidential information is provided to Reps in strictest confidence and is made available to Reps for the sole purpose of assisting Reps in working with their respective downline organizations in the development of their business. Reps may not use the reports for any purpose other than for developing their ARIIX business. Reps should use the confidential information to assist, motivate, and train their downline Reps. The Rep and ARIIX agree that, but for this Agreement of confidentiality and nondisclosure, ARIIX would not provide confidential information to the Rep.

To protect the confidential information, Reps shall not, on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of any other person, partnership, association, corporation or other entity:
-Directly or indirectly disclose any confidential information to any third party;
-Directly or indirectly disclose the password or other access code to his or her back-office;
-Use any confidential information to compete with ARIIX or for any purpose other than promoting his or her ARIIX business;
-Recruit or solicit any Rep or Customer of ARIIX listed on any report or in the Rep’s back-office, or in any manner attempt to influence or induce any Rep or Preferred Customer of ARIIX, to alter their business relationship with ARIIX;
-Use or disclose to any person, partnership, association, corporation, or other entity any confidential information.

This provision shall survive the termination or expiration of the Rep Agreement in your ARIIX business

ARIIX Conflicts of Interest & Non-Solicitation


The issue of “non-solicitation” is a very sensitive one for both Reps and the Company. ARIIX‘s primary objective is to benefit Customers, Members, and Reps. However, this benefit cannot and should not be provided at the cost or detriment to anyone else. ARIIX wants to partner and be in business with you forever. Whether you choose to maintain your ARIIX business and participate in another direct sales opportunity, or if you elect to terminate your ARIIX business to join another direct sales opportunity, the company wants to support you and wish you the very best of success!

ariix conflict of interest and non solicitationOperating an ARIIX Business

ARIIX Policies & Procedures

Unlike most direct sales companies that take the position “we have all the rights and privileges, and you have none,” ARIIX wants to put a stake in the ground and tell you that you DO have rights and privileges when you work with ARIIX, and you have the chance to take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer. While ARIIX is committed to honoring your rights, it expects the same commitment from you to honor theirs. It is critically important to understand that the company wants a two-way street relationship. ARIIX is absolutely committed to you! It is equally committed to this marketing and distribution channel. It is not going to compete unfairly against you and in return it also expects that you will not compete unfairly with them. It also expects you to be similarly committed to them, and to treat your fellow Customers, Members, Reps and especially the company, with fairness and integrity.

ARIIX Reps are free to participate in other multilevel or network marketing business ventures or marketing opportunities (collectively “network marketing”). However, during the term of this Agreement, you MAY speak directly to your Customers, Members, or Reps who you have personally sponsored in ARIIX. Your communications and activities are limited exclusively to those individuals you have personally sponsored. You may not directly or indirectly recruit other ARIIX Reps, Members, or Customers for any other network marketing business.  In addition, you may not entice, solicit, or encourage any Customer, Member, or Rep to cancel their Agreement with us regardless of whether you sponsored them. But, as is set forth and written, you can talk with your personal enrollee’s about another opportunity without fear of cancellation.

The provisions in this part of ARIIX Policies and Procedures shall survive this Agreement for a period of one (1) year following termination of this Agreement for whatever reason. Reps and the Company recognize that because network marketing is conducted through networks of independent contractors dispersed across the entire United States and internationally, and business is commonly conducted via the internet and telephone, an effort to narrowly limit the geographic scope of this non-solicitation provision would render it wholly ineffective. Therefore, Reps and ARIIX agree that this non-solicitation provision shall apply nationwide and to all international markets in which Reps are located. This provision shall survive the termination or expiration of the Rep Agreement. The term “Recruit” means the actual or attempted sponsorship, solicitation, enrollment, encouragement, or effort to influence in any other way, either directly, indirectly, or through a third party, another ARIIX Rep, Member or Customer to enroll or participate in another multilevel marketing, network marketing or direct sales opportunity.