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Productivity Secrets for Network Marketing 1 of 2

Network Marketing

Every highly successful person, not just in network marketing, but in general, will always have one thing in common with the rest of the highly successful people in the world.  The common thread is the fact that all of them highly prioritize the most productive activities above the ordinary ones.

network marketing productivity secretsExtraordinary productivity secrets in Network Marketing

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All highly successful people, especially in network marketing, always do the most productive and highest paying activities first thing in the morning making it their number one priority. They rarely let distractions get in their way and commit first to these highest paying activities and have the incredible discipline to really stick to it until they finish it.

When they work, they really work hard and smart and when they take a break and have fun they also know how to relax and enjoy it. In network marketing, it is all a matter of balance and focusing on priorities to make one highly successful. This is a good strategy because you are still able to do productive things bringing you closer to your goals each day and at the same time not compromise the value of knowing how to have fun and when to have fun. Continue reading

Health: The Most Important Thing In Life


As we go on this journey called life, it is inevitable for us to encounter problems and challenges along the way. This is actually healthy and normal because it helps us grow and become stronger and better people than before. Of all these countless and breath taking trials, there is only one that can be considered a major problem and should never ever be ignored. This problem is something that you must address right away or else you will die! Yes you read it right…this problem can kill you.

health with ariixHealth is something easy to maintain but hard to fix

ARIIX=True Definition of Health

I suppose a lot of thoughts are already running through your head right now, curious about what  the problem is I am talking about. This problem is actually not a stranger to  us. In fact,  all of us have this and all of us know about this issue. This is what we all know as HEALTH. Not what you have expected or maybe you were thinking worse but yes Health is the number one thing that a lot of people are having problems with nowadays, especially now that we are living in a highly industrialized world where  most of the things we need are undergoing harmful chemical processes with the purpose of making it good for us. Very ironic when you think about it. All these efforts are doing more harm than good, and its just sad that millions of people are dying due to this one big common problem we have with our health.

Health is something most of us take for granted. I really do not know the exact reasons why some people do, when they are already aware of the possible consequences of taking health for granted. It may be due to the fact that maintaining and taking care of your health is too much effort and too boring for some people, which is why they just stop thinking and caring about it.  They just want to enjoy life, carefree. Well, I have got to tell you that this is the wrong mindset and that one can still enjoy life while taking care of their health at the same time. In fact, if you take proper care of your health then you would really be enjoying life more because with good health, you have many more opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Taking care of ones health is not actually as hard as you might think. I believe that having bad health needs more exertion effort than having good health. Just think about it, if you take care of your health then you will get to enjoy everything that God has blessed you with. Everything that you have worked hard for will not be put to waste because you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. On the contrary, if you take your health for granted thinking that its just too much effort, you will get sick and weak which will require you to even exert more effort for healing an recovery. Not only will you be exerting too much effort when you get sick but you will be making other people worry about you and make them exert much effort as well. Health is wealth, you only have one…so take good care of it.

The Perfect Combination of Health and Wealth

Health and Wealth

Health and Wealth have a lot of things in common. In fact, they both have so much in common that the only difference separating them is one letter. Would you ever think this was a coincidence? For the spelling part, I guess so…but for the definition of both…NEVER. Health and Wealth always come together and should always go together. It was never an accident that these two words work together like couples. Wealth is nothing without health, although health can still exist without wealth, but it would not really be considered good health since you will not be able to buy the things you need. So in other words, health and wealth mutually work hand in hand together and we need both of them.

health and wealth Health and Wealth mutually need each other

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When we are young, we had all the health we ever needed. Life was limitless and we always felt that we could do anything we want, whenever we want to and wherever we want it. We were so full of energy and vitality. We were blessed with good health. Now as we grew older, slowly we learn about reality. We learn about our limitations and suddenly realize that childhood was way different.  We now start to work to earn money in order to survive. Some even over work to achieve wealth and as a result, health is sacrificed. We get sick and spend all the money we have hardly earned just to save our health.

In summary, we fail to balance life. When we are young we have all the health we need but as we grow older we will be having all the wealth we need, but begin to forget and lose our health on the way. This should not be the case. We must learn how to balance health and wealth. We work so hard that we have already forgotten about the good things in life and what really matters. That is why it is really very important to know how to balance health and wealth, since too much or too little of anything will never ever do anyone any good. Life is all about a matter of balance and moderation.

To live life happily to its fullest is to know how to balance the most important things in life such as health and wealth. There is, however, no guarantee to an easy way of doing this especially if you do not have guidance from the people who have gone through it before. But no matter how hard this will be, it is assured that every single effort you will be putting in will be all worth it. Contact us now if you are serious about your health and wealth. We would be more than happy to talk to you and help you to accomplish a life full of health and wealth.  We will give all the best we can offer as long as you in return will also put forth your best effort. Let health and wealth be yours FOREVER!

ARIIX Online Retailing, Banner Ads, Linking, Media & PPC


Operating an ARIIX Business

ARIIX Policies & Procedures

Reps may not list or sell ARIIX products on any online retail store or e-commerce site, nor may you enlist or knowinglyARIIX Online Retailing, Banner Ads, Linking, Media & PPC allow a third party to sell ARIIX products on any online retail store or e-commerce site. You may place banner advertisements on a website provided you use ARIIX-approved templates and images. All banner advertisements must link to your Replicated Website or a Registered External Website. Reps may not use blind ads (ads that do not disclose the identity of the Company) or web pages that make product or income claims that are ultimately associated with ARIIX products or the ARIIX opportunity. “Spam linking” is defined as ‘multiple, consecutive submissions of the same or similar content into blogs, wikis, guest books, websites or other publicly accessible online discussion boards or forums’ and is not allowed. This includes blog spamming, blog comment spamming and/or spam texting. Any comments you make on blogs, forums, guest books etc. must be unique, informative and relevant.

Reps may upload, submit or publish ARIIX-related video, audio or photo content that they develop and create so long as it aligns with ARIIX values, contributes to the ARIIX community greater good and is in compliance with ARIIX’s Policies and Procedures. All submissions must clearly identify you as an Independent ARIIX Rep in the content itself and in the content description tag, must comply with all copyright/legal requirements, and must state that you are solely responsible for this content. Reps may not upload, submit or publish any content (video, audio, presentations or any computer files) received from ARIIX or captured at official ARIIX events or in buildings owned or operated by ARIIX without prior written permission. Sponsored links or pay-per-click ads (PPC) are acceptable. The destination URL must be to either the sponsoring Rep’s Replicated Website or to the sponsoring Rep’s Registered External Website. The display URL must also be to either the sponsoring Rep’s Replicated Website or to your Registered External Website, and must not portray any URL that could lead the user to believe they are being directed to an ARIIX Corporate site, or be inappropriate or misleading in any way.

ARIIX will allow reps to use a single Domain and a single URL with the name ARIIX provided the Company does not want to use it. The number is limited to one (1) per Rep to allow others to take advantage of this opportunity. However, in the event ARIIX finds a use for a particular ARIIX derived Domain or Email, the Company has the right to take it from any Rep who has not received written permission from the Company to have the URL, provided they have an active Distributorship. Therefore, Reps may use any of ARIIX’s trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, the Company’s name, or any derivative of the foregoing, for any Internet domain name, email address, or social media name or address provided they receive written permission first, should a Rep wish protection from the Company for that Domain. Take caution and be guided while building your ARIIX business!

ARIIX Domains, Emails, Social Media, Postings & Identifications


Operating an ARIIX Business

ARIIX Policies & Procedures

ANY Rep may use any of ARIIX’s trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, theARIIX Domains, Emails, Social Media, Postings & Identifications Company’s name, or any derivative of the foregoing, for any Internet domain name, email address, or social media name or address, without express written consent from ARIIX, but does so at the risk of losing that Domain or Address immediately at the request of ARIIX. Reps acknowledge that without written permission, the Company is not responsible for any lost business, or inconvenience as a result of acquiring the Domain or Address. Further, web domains or addresses using the name ARIIX will be the property of the Rep and hence must be released back to the company after termination of this Agreement for whatever reason. Regardless of written consent, Rep’s must modify their domain or email to the extent ARIIX determines the site misleads individuals towards believing it is a Company-sponsored site and not a Rep’s domain/email.

Social media may be used by Reps to share information about the ARIIX business opportunity and for prospecting and sponsoring. Social media sites may be used to sell or offer to sell specific ARIIX products or services, so long as such products or services are offered at a price that is not less than the Auto-Delivery price. Profiles a Rep generate in any social community where ARIIX is discussed or mentioned must clearly identify the Rep as an “Independent ARIIX Rep”, and when participating in those communities, Reps must avoid inappropriate conversations, comments, images, video, audio, applications or any other adult, profane, discriminatory or vulgar content. The determination of what is inappropriate is at ARIIX’s sole discretion. Banner ads and images used on these sites must be current and must come from the ARIIX approved library. If a link is provided, it must link to the posting Rep’s Replicated Website or a Registered External Website. Comments Reps create or leave must be useful, unique, relevant and specific to the blog’s article. Reps may not use blog spam, spam texting or any other mass-replicated methods to leave blog comments.

Reps are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to ARIIX. Therefore, even if a Rep does not own or operate a blog or social media site, if a Rep posts to any such site that relates to ARIIX or which can be traced to ARIIX, the Rep is responsible for the posting. Reps are also responsible for postings, which occur on any blog or social media site that the Rep owns, operates or controls. You must disclose your full name on all social media postings, and conspicuously identify yourself as an independent Rep for ARIIX. Anonymous postings or use of an alias is prohibited.

So the ARIIX Policies and Procedures clearly state that we as ARIIX members and representatives should not confuse potential prospects, between us independent business owners, over ARIIX corporate. That is why it is required to put headings like “Independent Rep” as to differentiate us from the rest, especially from the corporate team. Apply these guidelines as you build you ARIIX business online!

ARIIX’s Bob Gajda PhD


Body builder Bob Gajda PhD chooses ARIIX

Why he chose ARIIX

Prior to ARIIX, in 1966, Bob Gajda achieved what no other person ever has, by winning the three biggest bodybuildingariix bob gajda competitions in the world;  Mr. USA, Mr. America and Mr. Universe in the same year. He was able to achieve this, along with his incredible physique, by the use of the Peripheral Heart Action system of circuit training that he himself developed, along with partnering with legends of the sport, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva, who put it to use in gyms from Chicago to Muscle Beach. Bob Gajda has been inducted into the World Body Building Guild (WBBG), International Fitness Hall of Fame as well as the National Fitness Hall of Fame, and The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen (AOBS) Hall of Fame.

This level of achievement would have already been enough for most people but not for Bob Gajda. With all these accomplishments he next founded Gajda Health Plus Network by applying a PhD in Kinesiological Studies together with his Total Body Training Philosophy. He is also the Executive Director and leader in the corrective therapeutic movement.

ARIIX‘s Bob Gajda said “At Gajda Health Plus Network, our primary mission is to transform weakness into wellness, and potential into performance, and this is accomplished by incorporating advances in science, medicine, rehabilitation and training to overall health. Our services have appeal to both team and individual sport participants as they focus on injury prevention, conditioning and core strength.”

Gajda Health Plus Network offers a wide variety of services including, physical therapy, total body training, personal training, chiropractic care, pain management, podiatry and sports medicine. Additional approaches to wellness include massage therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue hot stone therapy, herbal healing and nutritional counseling. Over the years, Gajda has worked with professional body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chicago Bears greats, Jim McMahon and Gary Fencik, tennis legends, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, and New York Yankee, Eric Soderholm.

Besides his bodybuilding career and health network, ARIIX‘s Bob Gajda is also a noted author and holds a number of patents on fitness, exercise and rehabilitation products. In the community, he has served as a Director of the American Cancer Society and Assistant Director of the Robert Crown Center for Health and Education. Professional affiliations include American College of Sports Medicine, American School Health Association, American Corrective Therapy Association, Institute of General Semantics and the American Kinesiotherapy Association. He was named Kinesiotherapist of the Year in 1987 by the American Kinesiotherapy Association.

ARIIX’s Bob Gajda has been using supplements for over fifty years now and firmly agreed that they definitely helped him to win the bodybuilding titles. As a therapist, he has also seen the essential and beneficial effects to his patients. He supports and has joined ARIIX as council member because of the fact that ARIIX truly has pharmaceutical purity and guaranteed potency, combined with the right vision of helping each other achieve personal and overall success. He expects the best results from using the ARIIX products and will make it a part of his health practice. Become an ARIIX champion NOW!